Transforming Imaging to satisfy growing demand

Demand on Imaging services continue to grow much faster than capacity can be added. In addition, ageing scanners are putting even more pressure on already strained departments. These problems cannot be solved through training, investment or process improvement alone – they need an integrated, quality-focussed improvement approach.


We will guide you through the complexities of forming effective network partnerships

NHSE/I guidelines have confirmed that collaboration and partnership between Imaging services will be a key driver for change across England in the coming years. When embarking on such a complex project, we don’t only provide you with the skills and expertise to develop the most effective network structures and quantify the value of partnerships, but our experience in delivering similar projects globally also supports the essential change management efforts required to ensure broader adoption and success.


Improve performance of the entire healthcare system with smart procurement decisions

Whether you require new scanning technology or you’re planning to outsource the service to another public or private provider, the decisions you make during major equipment or service procurements will impact the entire healthcare system for at least a decade. By adopting a whole systems approach, we will help you to clearly define your needs and ensure that you procure the best possible solution in terms of cost, quality and long-term sustainability.


Improve performance across all areas of the service

Imaging services remain under immense pressure and are expected to continuously deliver more with less. Ageing equipment, increasing demand, increased emphasis on cancer screening and detection, and staff pressures are all challenges that departments face daily. Lifecycle’s bottom up approach to performance improvement makes use of our in-depth operational understanding to identify and deliver real change in Imaging departments.


Reducing unwarranted variation in radiology requesting

Trusts and CCGs are facing increasing cost pressures to provide high-quality, effective care for their population whilst facing continual increases in diagnostics activity. Our skills and expertise can help you identify unwarranted variation in referral patterns, including identifying low utility and/or inappropriate testing. We implement changes in both Trusts and CCGs that effectively modify clinician behaviour and reduce inappropriate testing. Our programme also acts to implement changes to requesting that can improve process flow within diagnostics departments.


Ensure long term effectiveness and cost control through better supplier management

Managing change successfully is a challenge for any organisation and is therefore well resourced and funded. However, much of the value promised by major changes in the laboratory can go to waste if long term contracts are not properly managed over the entire life of the contract. With more than 20 years’ experience in managing healthcare supplier contracts, Lifecycle is ideally placed to support Imaging departments in the short, medium and long term.

Pathology Transformation

Services that are fit for the future.

With a continous drive towards further integration and consolidation, pathology departments have to define new ways of working. Closer integration with primary care services, development of new and novel nalytical technologies and the changing information landscape will further shape the way that services are delivered to clinical teams and patients.