A brief history of NHS procurement


James Drury

James Drury is an Associate Director at Lifecycle Management Group. Contact him on j.Drury@lifecycle.co.uk or call him on 01865 340 800.

Jonathan Elsmore-Wickens

Jonathan Elsmore-Wickens is our Commercial Director at Lifecycle Management Group. Contact him on j.wickens@lifecycle.co.uk or call him on 01865 340 800.

Discover Contract Lifecycle

Find out how we can deliver procurement savings, lowest whole-life costs and improved supplier performance with our Contract Lifecycle service.

NHS Trusts each have hundreds of contracts with an annual spend of many millions. Setting up and actively managing all these contracts requires a huge logistical effort, particularly if value is not to seep away over time. Find out how we plan, procure and manage contracts on the NHS’ behalf and how our unique approach has delivered more than £200m in savings.