Helping you get more for less from stretched capital and revenue budgets

Few NHS Trusts have sufficient capital to meet their asset replacement programmes. So it’s never been more important to achieve best value from every penny you invest.

We can help. We’ll help you make the right decisions at the outset. Then, with active management of costs, change and suppliers, we’ll help you lock in that value and drive further savings.

Equipment Lifecycle

Making the right decisions at the outset

Replacement Planning


Minimising whole-life costs starts with a plan. All too often, the focus is on day one costs, which can easily lead to the wrong decisions. Our unique whole-life planning approach considers all equipment-related spend from asset cost and financing to maintenance and consumables — helping you make the right decisions at the outset.

Aquire & Finance


Once you’ve identified the replacements, we’ll help you procure them at best value. We’ll also work with you to identify the most appropriate form of financing, setting up contracts that will deliver the lowest whole-life costs and then actively manage them to keep costs both low and predictable.

Active management of costs, change and performance throughout the lifecycle

Manage Costs


Achieving best value at the outset is only half the story. To ensure best value is maintained, and to drive further savings throughout the lifecycle, costs must be actively managed. With smart procurement and active management of recurrent spend components, such as maintenance, we’ll minimise your whole-life costs and generate savings.

Manage Suppliers


Effective management of suppliers is critical to ensuring performance, compliance and best value. From making certain maintenance visits are carried out to managing long-term financing costs, we actively manage supplier contracts, ensuring they stick to the terms and that you get what you pay for.

Manage Change


In the NHS, change is a given. Whether you’re upgrading, sweating your assets or disposing of equipment, you’ll need to respond to change. We’ll ensure your contracts predict change — and that change is easily managed — preserving the value of your original decisions.

Contract Lifecycle

Find out how we deliver savings and improve supplier performance

NHS Trusts each have hundreds of contracts with an annual spend of many millions. Setting up and actively managing all these contracts requires a huge logistical effort, particularly if value is not to seep away over time. Find out how we plan, procure and manage contracts on the NHS’ behalf and how our unique approach has delivered more than £200m in savings.