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Case Study

Delivering procurement savings from medical device maintenance contracts

Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust

The Trust wanted to improve governance of their maintenance contracts to ensure cover was in place on all medical devices. They also wanted to drive procurement savings through the implementation of a detailed category plan, ensuring real competition for every contract.


  • Collating data on 200 medical device maintenance contracts
  • Verification of contract data accuracy direct with every supplier
  • Creation of a category-wide procurement plan
  • Identification of rationalisation and consolidation opportunities
  • Requirements interviews with all budget-holders and other stakeholders
  • Development of Route to Market recommendations for key contracts
  • Compliant, competitive procurement of all contracts
  • Developing technical specifications and detailed requirements
  • Running full tenders for above-threshold contracts
  • Full Cost Improvement Proposals developed for Trust approval
  • Ensuring contracting on specially tailored NHS Terms and Conditions
  • Population of OPTIMiSe with all contract data, asset data and documentation
  • Annual review and competitive re-procurement of all contracts
  • Full online reporting of contract status and savings achieved

The Trust was able to demonstrate full compliance with both procurement and maintenance regulations – with maintenance cover in place for all medical devices, supported by extensive online contract and procurement records.
The project delivered £1m in net savings for the Trust.

“They have helped transform the procurement and management of our maintenance contracts, reducing cost and at the same time giving us a level of control and compliance we didn’t think possible”
Sharon Cousins, Operational Procurement and Systems Manager
Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust

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Our Service. In Our Clients’ Words.

  • They are not the kind of nameless, faceless consultants who make surface level recommendations and then leave before the real work begins.

    They know their stuff and can make intelligent conceptual leaps – they have more than the obvious in their repertoire.

    If there are savings to be had and you engage properly as a client, they will tough it out with you and deliver them.

    Alison Masterman
    Environment and Infrastructure General Manager
    Basildon & Thurrock University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

  • Driving savings is critical for any NHS Trust today. Increasingly, when the quick wins have been delivered a more robust approach is required. They brought resource, knowledge, skills and control to a difficult area of spend.

    They offered confidence to the clinicians, supporting them and us through the nerve wracking process of testing the markets, in areas that often remain with the OEM unchallenged.

    Working with them ensures whole life costs are considered and the net benefit to the Trust reached over £1M.

    Penny Hilton
    Head of Procurement
    Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

  • They came to us with a project that had the potential to deliver considerable savings. They worked with all the relevant stakeholders to deliver within the required timescales. The result – a 23% reduction in our annual spend in this category. They provided a range of reporting to support the achievement against CIP target.

    Charlotte Hopgood
    Portfolio Manager
    Royal Berkshire Hospital NHS FT

  • From the outset they have driven this project and engaged with stakeholders across the Trust to help drive it to a successful conclusion. They have been truly excellent throughout – we have a result that, at the outset, I would not have though possible. Not only are we now positioned to deliver far better patient care, we have done this by reducing rather than increasing costs.

    Amanda Pye
    Chief Nurse
    London North West Hospitals NHS Trust

  • We would not have got anywhere near the value they are achieving. We have saved enormous amounts of money.

    Four or five years ago we would have been hard pressed to know how much we were spending on maintenance contracts. Now we can look up online absolutely everything that is under contract – what the status of the contract is, when it is going to renewed and what it costs. It is indispensable

    Steve Williams
    Head of Procurement
    Royal Brompton and Harefield NHS Foundation Trust

  • Savings add up to £400,000 in the last three years. That is money we could not have released. We don’t have the specialist knowledge. For example, they have lift contracts across lots of other trusts and therefore have an ability to talk to big lift suppliers about whether they are going to come into a tender.

    Nigel Myhill
    Director of Facilities and Information
    Northern Lincolnshire and Goole Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

  • Following the announcement that Addenbrooke’s Hospital would be the location for the region’s new Major Trauma Centre, a development including 2 new operating theatres, we undertook an unprecedented amount of leasing over a very short period. Lifecycle’s systems and expertise proved invaluable throughout the whole process, arranging and managing 12 multiple supplier tenders, several on exceptionally tight timescales. This project exemplified the excellent service we have come to expect from them – a first class understanding of our needs, detailed assessment of all the options, rapid turnaround of professional work, development of creative solutions to meet our needs including arranging complex pre-lease and sale and leaseback structures and the support of your excellent OPTIMiSe systems. Thank you, your work is much appreciated.

    Richard Hyde
    Head of Investment and Capital Planning
    Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

  • I was very pleased with their management of my contract renewal. They undertook a thorough analysis of our ad hoc spend on the existing PM only contract and then researched the market to demonstrate that by changing to a more inclusive contract we would not only reduce our spend but would reduce the risk of unexpected costs. It has resulted in a substantial saving.

    Nick Hann
    Estates Officer
    Basildon & Thurrock Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

  • The services they deliver – and the excellent level of service they give – provide value way in excess of their fees.

    Adrian Goodchild
    Deputy Director of Finance
    Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

  • They have helped transform the procurement and management of our maintenance contracts, reducing cost and at the same time giving us a level of control and compliance we didn’t think possible.

    Sharon Cousins
    Operational Procurement and Systems Manager
    Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust

  • I would award ten out of ten for professionalism and commitment to each and every member of the team.

    Diane Sinclair
    Procurement Manager
    Christie NHS Foundation Trust

  • OPTIMiSe has allowed us not only to see and maintain our compliance levels for our contracted services, but also enables Finance and Procurement to confirm completed works so that no invoices are paid without the visits being carried out. It also identifies which suppliers had missed or were late for visits to monitor contractor performance, and highlight where we could claim money back.

    Kev Pearson
    Assistant Director Environment & Infrastructure (Operations and Assurance)
    Basildon & Thurrock University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

  • They recently managed the resale of one of our assets. They researched the market, obtained quotes from a range of suppliers and provided us a complete auditable breakdown of the options with a clear recommendation. Once we’d accepted their recommendation, they supported us to ensure the entire process was complete within the very short timescales. Thanks again.

    Julian Soden
    Portfolio Manager
    King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

  • The service has been a clear success. They have delivered savings, compliance and control in a most challenging category. We had hoped for a more robust programme for renewing our maintenance contracts. What they have delivered is nothing short of the World Class Procurement standard.

    Rob Webb
    Head of Procurement
    Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust

  • We had a large annual spend on flexible scopes which were previously maintained by the OEM. Lifecycle came in, challenged the status quo and persuaded nervous end users to consider alternative suppliers. They worked with the Trust to review and address concerns raised surrounding a 3rd party maintainer and even produced a report addressing each of the points raised. We proceeded with the award and were able to report total savings of over £1M across the five-year contract term.

    Peter Hickton
    Senior Buyer – Asset Maintenance / Capital / MERG
    York Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

  • We have worked with Lifecycle for five years and I continue to see value and expertise delivered time and again. The staff are very knowledgeable, helpful and reliable and I would recommend them if you are looking for savings as well as great governance.

    Mark Graham
    Estates Governance & Compliance Manager
    United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS trust

  • This is a great service. It gives us instant visibility of which suppliers are compliant, as well as the hard documentary evidence of service visits. Where suppliers are not compliant, Lifecycle chases them down and, if necessary, obtains a rebate where services have not been performed.

    Simon Tighe
    Deputy Director of Estates and Facilities
    Northern Lincolnshire and Goole NHS Foundation Trust


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