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CASE STUDY Delivering £1m in savings by tendering Endoscope maintenance contract
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Driving down maintenance costs and delivering real control

For most Trusts, maintenance contracts represent an untapped savings opportunity. Although they represent up to 1% of operating expenditure, procurement departments are often too stretched to dedicate the skills and resources to find genuine savings.

We can help deliver those savings. But more than that, it also gives you absolute control and frees up valuable procurement resource that can be focused elsewhere. You can expect:

  • Significant savings
  • Fully compliant procurements
  • Procurements driven to timescale
  • Reduced Trust resource
  • Use of an effective contract
  • Absolute control over maintenance contracts

Comprehensive planning

Like all good things, our Maintenance service starts with a plan. We collate your contract data and enter it to our OPTIMiSe systems, but not before we’ve checked and verified it, down to item level, with each supplier. Then, we use this perfect data to develop a plan right across your portfolio of contracts, seeking out opportunities for consolidation, rationalisation and re-negotiation.

Effective procurement

We’ll start by working with you to understand exactly what you need. Then, and just as importantly, we’ll use our extensive market intelligence and benchmarking data to develop the optimum procurement strategy for each requirement.

Our team of 30 negotiators, procurement managers, administrators, project planners and contract coordinators will provide the resources to deliver the right result – be it through a full OJEU tender, by negotiation or by running rigorous mini-competitions.

Just as important as getting the right cost is making sure you have the right contract. It’s why we’ve worked with the DoH to develop an additional schedule to their standard contract, giving you even more flexibility and control.

Active management

Making savings by procuring at best value is our primary objective. But to maintain attractive costs and performance contracts must be managed effectively.

All our NHS clients have unlimited access to our online OPTIMiSe systems, where every aspect of your contract is a click away – from Technical Specifications and level of cover to costs and item level device information.

It’s also critical to manage each supplier’s performance to make sure you get what you paid for and that you comply with the key regulations on maintenance. We can also help you schedule, record and police all PM visits by external suppliers. Not only are maintainers required to upload their service sheets for each visit to each device, but we’ll also chase them on your behalf until they have demonstrated complete compliance.

Call us today

To discover how we can help your Trust deliver risk-free savings from your portfolio of maintenance contracts, call Jonathan Wickens, our Commercial Director, on 01865 340800.




Let’s unearth the opportunities

We offer a free opportunity assessment for NHS Trusts. We’ll work with you to quickly identify any opportunities and outline how we can exploit them. Just let us have your contact details and we’ll be in touch as soon as possible to arrange a brief introductory meeting.


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Online Regulation 84 portal.

We have partnered with Mills and Reeve, the leading procurement lawyers, to create a guided wizard that makes certain you’re compliant with Regulation 84. It also includes a wizard to help you select the correct procedure for any procurement.

The portal is in the final stages of production and will be launched soon. If you’d like free access, just let us have your details and we’ll send you a link as son as it’s done.


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If you’d like to find out how we can help your Trust, or your department, develop robust and effective replacement planning for medical devices, just complete the form and we’ll be in touch to explain how we can help.