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Article Is replacement planning in the NHS a waste of time?
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Replacement Planning

Whole-life cost replacement planning helps you get more for less

With a huge equipment shopping list and limited capital, the NHS needs to make every penny count. It’s why our replacement planning methodology examines every aspect of whole-life costs, rather than just the day one purchase cost. Effective, whole-life replacement planning helps individual departments, or entire Trusts, to:

  • forecast effectively
  • make the most of limited capital
  • manage the funding gap
  • develop better-informed business plans
  • identify standardisation opportunities
  • quantify the impact of sweating assets
  • amend plans as risk assessments change

1. Collating the data you need

We’ll help you identify the data you’ll need from a range of sources. This will include your own data, up to date market cost data and forecasts drawn from our own historical data:

  • Technological maturity
  • Purchase costs
  • Services and consumables costs
  • Risk assessments
  • Financing costs
  • Revenue impact

2. Populating our dynamic, online system

Once the information has been collated, we’ll help you populate your replacement plan in OPTIMiSe, our online system. With OPTIMiSe, your plan will be dynamic – adapting to new information, costs or risk assessments. It can be made available to all stakeholders, delivering a fully transparent planning tool.

3. Evaluating the funding gap

Every NHS Trust, and most departments, will have a funding gap – the difference between what you need and your available funds. The plan will clearly identify the whole-life costs of the equipment you need to purchase as well as available sources of funds. The model will assess the costs of alternative funding options – from cash to loan and lease to managed service – helping you make the most cost-effective funding decisions.

4. Making the right decisions

Armed with up to date whole-life costs on an asset-by-asset basis, you’ll be able to assess your options, build well-informed business cases and identify the ideal time and method to replace the equipment on your list.

Let’s make a plan

We offer a free assessment to identify the benefits this approach can deliver for your Trust. Our only charge is a small annual fee to host your plans on OPTIMiSe. To discuss how we can help, call Neil Marriott on 01865 340800. He’ll explain how we can help your department, or your entire Trust, get more for less from your budgets.




Let’s unearth the opportunities

We offer a free opportunity assessment for NHS Trusts. We’ll work with you to quickly identify any opportunities and outline how we can exploit them. Just let us have your contact details and we’ll be in touch as soon as possible to arrange a brief introductory meeting.


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Online Regulation 84 portal.

We have partnered with Mills and Reeve, the leading procurement lawyers, to create a guided wizard that makes certain you’re compliant with Regulation 84. It also includes a wizard to help you select the correct procedure for any procurement.

The portal is in the final stages of production and will be launched soon. If you’d like free access, just let us have your details and we’ll send you a link as son as it’s done.


Tell me more

If you’d like to find out how we can help your Trust, or your department, develop robust and effective replacement planning for medical devices, just complete the form and we’ll be in touch to explain how we can help.