What is Contract Lifecycle?

It’s a combination of services and systems proven to deliver best-practice procurement and contract management throughout the entire life of a contract. Honed over 25 years working with our clients, it gives you:

  • Increased savings
  • Real control and compliance
  • Lowest whole-life costs
  • Effective change management
  • Improved supplier performance.

We can deliver Contract Lifecycle in two flavours: Managed or Supported.

Managed Contracts


We procure and manage contracts on your behalf

We use our Contract Lifecycle methodology to manage more than 4,000 contracts for our clients. We manage every stage of the contract – from planning and procurement to whole-life management, driving procurement savings, ensuring lowest whole-life costs and improving supplier performance.

Supported Contracrs


You manage your own contracts using our resources and technology

For contracts you’d rather manage in house we provide a combination of up-front assistance, our OPTIMiSe technology platform and continuous support – for more effective contract management throughout the organisation. From helping develop effective contract plans to regular reviews, we’ll give you all the support you need to drive the best value from your contracts.



A common platform for managing all contracts

Regardless of whether we manage the contract, or you do, the OPTIMiSe Contract Dashboard provides a common view of all your contracts. OPTIMiSe not only records all the important data and documents, allows virtual contract teams to work together across the organisation and drives all contract activity to timescales.

Switch to Managed


You can switch from supported to managed at any time

If you want us to take responsibility for managing any of your contracts, you can switch to our managed service at any time. Give us as many contracts as you want, or entire categories, whenever you want. You’ll still see all the details, status and savings in OPTIMiSe and retain all decision-making authority.