Delivering best value.
Wherever you need it

Each of our clients approaches us with a different need. That’s why we never sell a standard solution but work with you to uncover what will benefit you most – it could be a fully managed service addressing any area of spend, or a specifically designed project to focus on a pressing issue.

Contract Lifecycle


Whole-life management of costs, change and performance

We work hard to understand the things that really matter in the contract (costs, performance and change management). We then set up everything in our online platform, OPTIMiSe, making sure every aspect is visible to both owners and users. Finally, we work with you and your suppliers to control performance and costs.

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Asset Lifecycle Icon


Driving down the whole-life cost of your assets

We can help drive down the whole-life costs of your assets. With a combination of Replacement Planning, Asset Finance, Maintenance Management and Asset Resale services, we’ll help you manage the entire asset lifecycle, delivering the lowest whole-life costs for your assets and asset-related costs.

Fully Managed Service


Driving down spend across the board

For many of our clients, we manage the entire procurement and contract management processes on their behalf – delivering improved value and bottom-line savings. We can manage all non-core spend on your behalf or focus on a specific category.

Spend Analytics


Finding savings through data analysis and benchmarking

We’ll help you pull together data from various sources and create a single, workable dataset. We’ll benchmark costs against your competition, identify how value can be improved and exploit the opportunities project by project.

Contract Reviews


Mining existing contracts for supplier rebates

We forensically review historic performance and costs of your contracts and identify opportunities for rebates. We’ll create a compelling case and go into bat on your behalf to reclaim money that is rightfully yours. We’ll also identify how the contract could be improved for the future.

Sourcing Projects


Managing procurement projects to deliver best value

Whether it’s for a whole category of spend, or a specific high-value project, we’ll manage your sourcing projects from conception, through procurement to delivery and management. We’ll ensure you get the right product or service, at the most competitive price – on terms that allow for change and active management.

Contract Lifecycle

Find out how we deliver savings and improve supplier performance

Universities each have hundreds of contracts with an annual spend of many millions. Setting up and actively managing all these contracts requires a huge logistical effort, particularly if value is not to seep away over time. Find out how we plan, procure and manage contracts on the our clints’ behalf and how our unique approach has delivered more than £200m in savings.